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Now, for the first time on Kindle and print, kids’ fitness expert Candace Sparks provides 28 days of her awesome daily kids’ workout to get children excited about exercising during the Coronavirus quarantine! 

In this illustrated children’s workout guide, Candace provides quick and easy exercises that any child and their parents can do in less than half an hour a day.   From children dancing time to familiar exercises like jumping jacks and lunges, kids are offered a variety of fun and invigorating daily exercises that they will love to do.  Thy can even go online for more guidance or additional exercises, if Mom and Dad are at work!

In this fun exercise program for kids, you will learn:

  • Quick and easy daily exercises that any kid can do in under half an hour, with illustrated pictures of correct exercise form
  • Fun exercises that you can do with your son or daughter, including kids dancing, brain break exercises and other exercises that your child will be looking forward to every day
  • A fitness program for kids that includes a full month of different daily exercises for variety and mental stimulation
  • Indoor exercises designed especially for the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine, which encourages daily physical activity, reduces kids’ anxiety and prevents depression

 There is no better time than right now to ensure that your child maintains a healthy lifestyle, even during these difficult times.  Start enjoying daily exercises with your children and watch them smile again, as they complete the rewarding, (but easy) daily exercises for kids.

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