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Sex: Sex Positions for Couples, Kama Sutra,


Sex: Sex Positions for Couples, Kama Sutra,.

Do you want to discover the best Sex Positions for Couples and master the secrets of Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex?
Do you want to spice up your sex life with Sex Games?
Do you want to learn how to improve your relationship and intimacy with your partner?

If yes then this Book is for you! This is The Most Complete Sex Guide around, with 4 Manuscripts in 1 Book:

1 – Sex Positions for Couples
2 – Kama Sutra
3 – Tantric Sex
4 – Sex Games.

You no longer have to lose your time and resources looking around. In this book you will learn everything and anything you want and need to know about how to bring your couple’s sex life to the next level. You will discover several Sex Positions for Couples, Kama Sutra Secrets, Tantric Sex Practices and the best Sex Games, all juiced up with several illustrations.

In Manuscript 1 “Sex Positions for Couples” you will discover:
– How can you improve intimacy and compatibility
– How to prepare your mind and body for sex
– How is foreplay done best
– What are the best sex positions for couples
– How is oral sex done right
– Which are the best aphrodisiacs and how to use them
– What fetish practices and other sexual fantasies can you try
– Where else can you enjoy your sex life and how beyond the bedroom
– What and how can you do sex at best if you are pregnant
– And much more!

In Manuscript 2 “Kama Sutra” you will discover
– What is Kama Sutra and its benefits
– What is love for Kama Sutra
– How to succeed in flirting and courtship
– How can you become a master in seduction
– How enjoy at best the 100+ sex positions of the extended Kama Sutra including, standing, relaxing, woman dominates, man dominates, sitting, acrobatic positions
– How to excel at oral sex with several positions
– What masturbation techniques can you use to better discover yourself
– What type of orgasm should you aim at and how to get them
– In which cases you should go for a threesome and how can you enjoy at best this experience
– And much more!

In Manuscript 3 “Tantric Sex” you will discover
– What is Tantra and its benefits
– How Tantra helps in connecting the sensory, emotional, cognitive level with spiritual
– How can you get the best out of Tantra meditation with the use of Mantra and Yantras
– Why and how you should practice Tantric sex
– What are the best Tantric sex positions
– How can you best use the Tantric Chair to enhance you sex experience
– How to give and receive Tantric sex massages
– How can you discover and reach the super orgasm
– How to improve your vaginal sensory capabilities with the Yoni Egg
– And much more!

In Manuscript 4 “Sex Games” you will discover
– The best role playing games
– Sex timer games
– Sex card games
– Mirror games
– Sex toys
– And many others

In addition you will be able to:
– Discover many particulars about the persons you’re playing the game with
– Laugh in company
– Break the ice with someone you just met
– Set the right mood
– Develop couple complicity
– Improve the passion with your beloved one
– And much more!

Do yourself, your partner and everyone else that you will potentially have sex with a favor, read this book! Give your partner the present of informing yourself about how to bring them enjoyment like never before.

Wait no longer, Scroll up and get your copy by clicking the “Buy Now” button!

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